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The Groomer’s Wall®

The Groomer’s Wall® was designed with groomers in mind. After years of grooming, my wife asked me to come up with something to help her aching back. She struggled with dogs wandering away from her to the back of the table causing her to bend and lean to bring them closer. As soon as she corralled the dog to the front of the table, the dog would wander away again. The Groomer’s Wall® keeps pets close while grooming, so no more bending over and chasing them around the table. Your back aching days are over!

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The Trach Saver®

The Trach Saver® is a grooming lead unlike any other. Unlike other grooming leads, we designed the Trach Saver® to put absolutely no pressure on the pet’s throat. The unique cord lock keeps the lead in place wherever you put it. Available in multiple sizes, colors and materials, this device works on dogs of all shapes and sizes. An absolute must for the smaller breeds! Ever struggled to groom a cat? The Trach Saver® works great on cats too!

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Customer Testimonials

The Trach Saver® is amazing. I use it every day. I groom a lot of elderly dogs and a lot of special needs dogs, and it is amazing. I can’t wait to order the new and improved one!

Awesome tool for leaning or wiggly pups! Helps so much to give them less table to work with. Very sturdy and easy to set up.

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