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Free Original Trach Saver with Groomers Wall will be included in every Wall purchase.


The Groomer's Wall


The Groomer's WHAT?

The Groomer's Wall is a device to keep the pet closer to you when being groomed.  My wife asked me to come up with something to help her aching back.  Dogs would wander away from her to the back of the table, she would pull them back and same thing happened again.  The Wall keeps them closer so no more bending over and chasing them around the table and no more aching back.  It is also great at helping prevent shoulder pain.


Primarily the Groomer's Wall relieves back and shoulder pain by keeping the pet being groomed closer to you.  But it also has a calming affect on nervous dogs making them more comfortable and easier to groom.  Most groomers rarely take the Wall off of their tables because it works so well with most size dogs.


What's it made of?

All three sizes of the Groomer's Wall are made of HDPE, a polyethylene blend that naturally resists odors, stains, bacteria and more.  It is nearly indestructible, our daughter shot it, ran over it with a car, chopped it and it still worked perfectly.  The hinges and mounting hardware are made of commercial grade stainless steel.


Trach Saver

The Trach Saver is a Grooming lead unlike any other.  We designed it to put absolutely no pressure on the pet's throat.  An absolute must for the smaller breeds.


Easy Shoulder Fit

Goes over the shoulders of the pet like  backpack straps.  Easy fit, works on dogs and cats up to the size of a chubby Lhasa. Unique cord lock keeps the lead in place where you put it.


Works Great for Cats too

We've been using Trach Savers on the cats we groom at All 4 Paws for over a year now.