Not many businesses can say they not only survived, but thrived, after COVID-19 struck. All for Groomers is one such business.

The Winona-based company went global with their Trach Saver and Groomer’s Wall products and recently won the Barkleigh Award for 2021 Best New Product at the Hershey, Pa., grooming conference. This is a very prestigious award in the grooming industry. “This is the Oscars for the grooming industry, and we are very honored and grateful to receive this award,” said Tommy Stockstill, owner and operator of All for Groomers.

Tommy invented the Groomer’s Wall and trachea saver for his wife Kemlyn, lead dog and cat groomer and owner/operator of All 4 Paws, in pursuit of reducing the amount of stress and pain on her back. The Trach Saver puts no strain or pressure on the pet’s throat, and it’s