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Making grooming easier, and pets safer!

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Making grooming easier, and pets safer!

Groomer’s Wall®


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All for Groomers Trach SaverEach Groomer’s Wall® comes complete with 1 foldable wall with stainless steel locking hinges, carrying handle, nameplate and strong clamps to hold Wall to the grooming table securely.

A FREE Original Trach Saver® will be included with each purchase of the The Groomer’s Wall®!

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Care and Cleaning of your Groomer’s Wall®

  1. Your Groomer’s Wall® is made of commercial kitchen quality materials. The HDPE (High density Polyethylene) naturally resists stains, odors and bacteria. Normal soap and water and a rinse in your grooming tub should be all the cleaning you need. In between dogs we recommend spraying surface with a disinfecting cleaner and doing a quick wipe down.
  2. For tougher stains we use a cellulose sponge (example is “Magic Eraser”) with water. An eraser like product will clean blood, grease, tar, hair dye, and most anything else we can throw at it. IF HAIR DYE ISN’T CLEANED UP RIGHT AWAY THEN IT WILL STAIN THE SURFACE BUT THE WALL WILL NOT BE HARMED.
  3. Do not use straight bleach. It will not harm the product but will discolor the hinges, handle and label.
  4. Although the Groomer’s Wall® is bullet resistance (as seen in our video) please do not try this under any circumstance. We are not responsible for any injury caused by trying to recreate our tests.

What’s in the Box?

Upon purchase, you will receive a 36 inch, 42 inch, or 48 inch Groomers Wall including clamps and 1 original Trach Saver.